Sakura's Real Life

Sakura's Real Life

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When Sakura was young she was hurt a lot, the first time Sakura was hurt, she was so young. She was only a child, 5 nearly 6. 

She had the brightest pink hair, and the brightest jade eyes. She could always lift someone's spirit, no matter who it was. 

But one day she started getting bullied. It was because of her 'large' forehead, or her pink hair. 

When she told her father, he only said to suck it up. When she told her mother she said to toughen up. She never had friends but she had her brother.

One day she met: Ino. They had become best friends, all because Ino had told her she was pretty. She also gave Sakura A ribbion to keep  her  hair out of her face. Sakura started to learn about how to be normal, she learned it was best to stay quiet and that all girls had a crush on Sasuke Uchiha. When she learned this she remembered Ino saying something about her liking him.

It had been a week since she heard this and she decided to tell Ino that she had a crush on Sasuke so she could be...

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Satoshi__Haruno Satoshi__Haruno Jul 29, 2017
Poor sweet Sakura-Chan, don't you worry, Aniki is here for you v.v