adopted by adam daulberg ~ lissiexo

adopted by adam daulberg ~ lissiexo

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Please note this book was created in the timeline 2015-2016. So at that point Adam & Alesa were still together but no longer are. I will not change my storyline to consider the current period but enjoy this book and leave some feedback in the comments!! 

This is was my first book and at some parts may be cringe but my writing has greatly improved but i will not be making any new books for now.
Skyler was a normal Little girl

Well she was until her father started drinking,and started to abuse her 

But when she was 9 the child services were called and she had to leave her family behind  ,she didn't care about her father 

She did care about her brother and mother and her brother made a promise to come get her   

But she had too leave 

What will the future hold for her?

Does her brother come for her?

Read to find out

Some readers comments:

"Im crying happy tears because its so emotional" -@MichelleFraser2

YASS" -@crazyemily13


Completed 2/18/16

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AlbinoPhoenix12 AlbinoPhoenix12 Jan 21, 2017
"First I open my eye's
                              then i felt such a strange breeze,
                               i have traveled to a world, made of blocks
                              totally unbeknownst by me'