The Lost Chronicles: Seven Deadly Sins

The Lost Chronicles: Seven Deadly Sins

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<3Me<3 By LikeARecordBaby Updated Jun 14, 2015

Sora Miller is dead. She walks the earth, looking perfectly healthy, but her heart no longer beats like those around her. Her family is dead, her life is filled with horror and hate, and the only way she can make her heart beat again is to find all of the Sable Crystals, there are 7 different Crystals and each contains a different sin: Greed, Wrath, Pride, Envy, Gluttony, Sloth and Lust; each of which Sora committed when she had been alive. But she can't do it alone, especially not when Pierce, a new student at Sora's school, possesses one of the Crystals without even knowing it. How he found the Crystal is a mystery to Sora, but Pierce's Crystal holds the key to finding the rest of them...

Let's not forget that Pierce is a telepathic, so there is no chance of lying to him..

It just gets better and better...

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