The Billionaire's Wife (Jelsa)

The Billionaire's Wife (Jelsa)

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Sailor Moon!!! By Rockysa Updated Nov 28

He never told me "good morning",he never said "good bye",he never said "I missed you" and he also treated me as a shadow..

I love him,I know I do even though he doesn't,I want to make that change, I want him to at least say; "I love you.."

This story is originally mines,I don't accept copies!

I had some problems with Wattpadd so the story is being Edited and new episodes are being added.

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Don't worry I like reading your storys 
                              1 bc I love jelsa storys 
                              2 bc I am very bad at making one do I read others
                              So I don't mind so do what you want to do😊
muke_kage muke_kage Oct 24
Don't end it I loved it I love it I love it I don't want you to end it please 🙏😢😢😢
I love the prolonge it's amazing I'm already interesting😃😁😇😌😄😊☺🙂
This is a good book, there part which is a bit hard to understand but if we read the next sentence or so we can understand what you mean. Plz not delete it, it's so good.
it's just everything was moving so fast and there needs to be more details, but the plot of the story is pretty good
Jelsa1242 Jelsa1242 Oct 15
I really understand what happening.Can u rewrite the story please 👏👏👏