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Small Styles

Small Styles

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thelarrieswriting By thelarrieswriting Updated 2 days ago

Louis has always been too caring. Harry has always been too needy to even think much about being caring. Louis has always been bored out of his mind when he's not out with friends or at soccer practice. Harry has always been too busy with coloring in his favorite coloring book to be bored. Louis is always out with friends and getting his hair dyed and new tattoos etched onto his skin. Harry is always studying or coloring or drawing. Louis is always failing and being late for all of his college classes. Harry is always the highest in his class, tutoring other people, and being early to all of his classes. They're complete and utter opposites but they work. 

This is going to be an age play. I don't know if there will be any smut in this because I'm not a huge fan of writing smut, however if any of you would like to send me some smut, message me! I hope that those of you who have read and liked my Baby Louis/Daddy Harry story, Little Louis, like this almost as much as you like(d) Little Louis.

Me: *.3 seconds late to school* WELP LETS JUST NOT SHOW UP! 
                              Future me: *.3 seconds late for work* I'LL CALL IN SICK! 
                              I would get nowhere in life
lauracg09 lauracg09 Aug 11, 2016
My dad has this saying engraved in my mind and it annoys my friends some times
V-Playboy V-Playboy Dec 28, 2016
SAME I WAS HIDING UNDER MY COAT WHILE WATCHING HUSH IN CLASS BUT LIKE IT WAS ON THE PROJECTER I HAVE NO IDEA WHY oh wait.... nvm I have this crush on this boy, and was low-key hoping he was gonna come and comfort me but all he did was say it's not real and he took the coat of my head hehe
QueenStylinson424 QueenStylinson424 Sep 03, 2016
I did and I'm rereading bc you haven't updated in forever 😢😭
wdbwotvdun wdbwotvdun Dec 29, 2016
this is the first story im reading on my laptop and its lagging but im hooked so im reading this
CharlieCorn96 CharlieCorn96 Oct 14, 2015
Dang my baby harry feels!!! He's too adorable ahhh!!! *_* <3