Beastly and the Geek

Beastly and the Geek

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LunaMatrix By LunaMatrix Completed

Screamed Harper's alarm clock he rolled over and randomly started hitting his dresser trying to stop the sound.

He slowly opened his green eyes and sighed another day of school. He walked downstairs to fix him self a bowl of cereal the house was empty as always his mother was at work probably in an important business meeting... more important than her only son. I quickly brushed that thought away there is no need to worry about things like that. His father had left them when Harper was just a child and in his mind the were better off without him. He gathered his bag and coat and walked to the bus stop. 

When he got on the seats were full it was loud and smelled like sweat he tried to find a seat and ended up squeezed on the edge of a seat beside a girl who wore heavy makeup and was talking on the phone. She cut him a side glare and continued her conversation making sure to keep him as far away as possible. The bus took off again bumpy and horribly to slow but fortun...

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