Now It's Time to say Goodbye

Now It's Time to say Goodbye

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Lie Ren By RWBYStormFlower Completed

With their leader murdered, Team RWBY disbands and go their seperate ways, but ultimately are drawn back together as a rogue huntsman roams Vale as she targets her only sister.

Disclaimer: I do not own RWBY or any of it's characters. RWBY belongs to Rooster Teeth and Monty Oum. Rest in Peace Monty.

Co-author: @lord0fwar

  • betrayal
  • broken
  • mystery
  • rwby
  • whiterose
Cb2238 Cb2238 Jul 01, 2017
If you wanna make your self really cry hard, play the song Cold while reading.
wait wait wait she!? okay my brain is slow at processing today... like seriously i couldn't remember something i was just talking about seconds before... but HOW!?
don't hate Weiss, and Ruby is going to put herself first, we all see it coming with the description
twixter123 twixter123 Jul 07, 2017
Idk what's going one with red but if it's Ruby idk how to feel about this
I read the last chapter at lunch in school and i cried... my friends all saw... but then they made fun of the death and i kinda got really mad ha ha ha heh...
RIP:  Ruby, my fav girl. You shall be remembered. *Cries in a corner*