The Heir

The Heir

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Book one of The Heir series

Serena McClare is an Irish commoner who lives in the small village of Brookeshire, Ireland. She has been raised there all of her life with her mother, father, brother and sister.

But after the two king's sons visit the inn her family owns, things change for Serena.

She learns that she is the heir to the throne of Ireland and that she must hurry to take it from a power-hungry king. 

But the kingdom isn't all that it seems to be. Betrayal and death are among a few. Serena must learn to take control of the kingdom. But can she do this as England and Spain plan to invade?

This is my first book so please bear with me. I will get better I promise. Also please feel free to leave me constructive criticism and suggestions. I would love to use some of your suggestions to make the story better.

WARNING : This story includes language and violence. Please don't read if you don't feel comfortable. 

Thank you so much for reading this story and happy reading!!! 

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Zoey_Schwab Zoey_Schwab Sep 24
Probably not 😂😂😂 @Minnesota-girl  I was going for more of a new age type story with the language more of this time period and the setting more of that time period 😂
Love the prologue! Can already tell this is going to be a good story and that you are a great writer!
tesszz28 tesszz28 Oct 01, 2016
I liked the change from third person to first. Not usually done so it was a nice surprise :) Excited to read the rest now.
StylishWeirdo19 StylishWeirdo19 Oct 18, 2016
The story seems good.
                              I love historical fiction! Ihope I like this story.
cupcake_angel333 cupcake_angel333 Dec 04, 2015
This reminds me of America and Aspen from the Selection series. They're both poor, pretty big family, secretly dating, meet at a certain tree during the night, saving for marriage etc. etc.