•The Good Girl's Bad Boys• One-Shots Fanfiction

•The Good Girl's Bad Boys• One-Shots Fanfiction

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call me Trash Can By BentOvrBckwrds1 Updated 4 days ago

Chapter-long stories about the characters you know and love from TGGBB.

(These stories are not relevant to the plot and they are not meant to be read in order. You can read them however you want) 

Also these are fanmade so there will probably be some errors but I have read TGGBB four times so I think I know what I'm talking about.

Lastly, I am taking requests for chapter ideas.

-BentOvrBckwrds1 (told you I was a big fan)

This was the first book of it's kind. :D

If you're going to read this than you should read the later chapters. Most of the early ones aren't good and have a lot of errors that I'm too lazy to fix. :P (Read from "I Need Inspiration..." and on..."

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Your username give me life, I swear,.
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All of you was so amazing and happy playing in side the leave i wish i was there with all of you play
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I would have screamed and stomped repeatedly on it. DIE DIE DIE
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While everyone wants to kill the spider with fire I'm just over here like
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I swear I literally died at your user name... true fan... RESPECT
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I would've gotten a gun shot it repeatedly then say but I saw it move then I would run off screaming