Salvation ( Completed..editing)

Salvation ( Completed..editing)

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A'Shayela By Ashayela Completed

Anthony Alsina was doing a ten year sentence for something he didn't do. He found out that his girlfriend had taken everything he owned immediately after he was sent way. Upon release he strides to get what she took and then some. The only problem is that something gets in his way of doing that.

Dawn Sanders has been living a lie for years now. Her lies finally catch up with her making life a living hell. When she finally starts doing good something threatens to ruin it all.

Will they both survive it all?

AsiaBaybeh AsiaBaybeh Jul 31
U got my vote 🤷🏾‍♀️and I usually don't vote on stories
Areobabyie Areobabyie May 14
I got a point because I said it had to be between stripper, have kids, or is 50-60 years old
blahhashley blahhashley Jul 20
Have you ever heard of Jay-Z & Beyonce they have a 12 year gap
blahhashley blahhashley Jul 20
How tf do someone "almost" have a child it's either you do or don't
I'm wondering if she know or had something to do with him getting locked up and felt bad afterwards .
LeilaFofana LeilaFofana Feb 03
Wait....How they meet if he in jail and never seen her Before???