I'm Back and Stronger Than Ever

I'm Back and Stronger Than Ever

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Cheyenne Aspen-Hope Edwards By cheyenneedwards333 Updated Aug 01

" I Alpha Ethan Star reject you, Lillia Lexis as my mate." Ethan said
 I feel sadness and heartbroken at that moment. My wolf whimpered. So, I turn around ran out while he watch me turn into pure white wolf, and runaway fast as possible to the pack house to get my stuff and grabbed 3 pieces paper. 


This is series of 5 books

1- this book- done

2- why me?-unwritten 

3- 5 mates? What the hell!- unwritten
4- rejected- unwritten
5- Taken- unwritten

I can relate. Only have half siblings. 3 on dads side, 1 on mums and 2 step sisters.
How does she dislike dogs she a werewolf for crying out loud
Excuse me, but 13 year olds can be very good at spelling and grammar.