I Rejected The Alpha

I Rejected The Alpha

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LeilaniKaholo By Kaholo3 Updated Aug 24, 2017

Blake Martin and Elissa come from two different worlds. 

On one hand, you have Blake, who is an incredible Alpha of a large pack and who's had the luxury of being well respected and loved throughout his life and pack members. He has everything in his life expect the person he's been waiting for his whole life; his mate.

Then there's Elissa; abandoned as a baby and taken into the foster care only to be abandoned again as an adult. On her own, she finds herself stumbling upon a Blake's pack in the middle of the woods and suddenly her whole life comes to a halt, as what she thought was fairy tales becomes the truth. 

She learns about werewolves and even more terrifying, that she's mated to one; the Alpha himself Blake Martin. Afraid and confused, Elissa does the only thing she can do; she rejects the Alpha.

Little does Elissa know what happens to the Alpha when you break his heart.

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Omg I literally thought if Percy Jackson my favorite character in the whole world
sweetprim10 sweetprim10 Sep 22, 2017
The way she describes him reminds me of Percy Jackson... ahhh
MrsGoogle MrsGoogle Aug 14, 2016
i must say i am intrigued  
                              ┬┴┬┴┤ ͜ʖ ͡°) ├┬┴┬┴
- - Dec 02, 2016
how does independent and stubborn equate to worthless? did she do smth else she isnt mentioning?? 😂😭
ColdSilverMoonWolf ColdSilverMoonWolf Jul 19, 2014
taking care of herself in the middle of a forest o.O this reminds me of hansel and gretel when their father leaves them In the woods