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Cat Eyes (Ereri/Riren) [EDITING]

Cat Eyes (Ereri/Riren) [EDITING]

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Jex By Keys_to_Kaleidoscope Completed

[Neko!Levi x Heterochromic!Eren]
Nekos were rare and when one was found people waisted no time doing the thing they do best-judging and hating people because they're different. Nekos were considers outcasts, weird and inhuman, dangerous even. Levi Ackerman, a senior in high school, was one such Neko. He kept his tail and ears hidden at all times. Levi's greatest fear was being discovered.  

Eren Jaeger had heterochromia, that meant he had two different color eyes. He'd been bullied relentlessly for it as a kid which resulted in his family moving and him wearing an eyepatch to conceal his honey colored eye while showing only his bright green one. Only Armin (his best friend) and Mikasa (his adoptive sister) knew about his eyes. 

Both boys have secrets they fought to keep hidden, secrets that had hurt them in the past and threatened to hurt them in the future. But what would happen if the two were to meet and discover the other's well hidden 'weakness'?

It is, then I realized that I was showing signs of that ability. I was grabing a skittle with my eyes closed and thought it was red, then I opened my was red. X3
Can you say forth wall break? 
                              Anime is addictive, says the anime character.
Sunnyboymycat Sunnyboymycat Dec 20, 2016
I would go for something more along the lines of "If you love me let me gooooooooooo!"
ultragayness ultragayness Aug 08, 2016
What. Why can everyone else do this? I wanna do this it sounds fricking awesome
Lithey Lithey Dec 29, 2016
At my school, if we get detention, we just get a packet of paper to fill out and turn in to the office the next day or the next Monday, depending on when the detention was given.