AOT:What will it be? (Levixreader) #Wattys2017

AOT:What will it be? (Levixreader) #Wattys2017

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Saladwithpepper By ItsStooge Completed

I do NOT own any of these characters or pictures.
This story will be about you and Levi .

(Y/n)=your name 
(L/n)= last name
(H/c)=hair colour
(E/c)=eye colour
(H/l)=hair length

It's my first book. Hope you enjoy it. Leave comments on what you think about it. Feel free to favourite and add to library.

Kiyiya Xyst
                              Black hair with undertone of blood red
                              Yellow/Golden eyes (white when angry)
                              (If you haven't noticed my OC was created to be a lycan XD)
SaRanOsPace SaRanOsPace Aug 10
(just going with meh cx)
                              Name: Casey
                              Hair: shoulder length- ombre of browns
                              Eyes: mix of green(mostly) brown and blue
                              Skin: pale with some tan
                              Height: (not making myself short....  And I also love short guys) 5'9 (actually my height)
                              Age: 28 (I'm actually 13 buut aaaaye)
Flame-Brain Flame-Brain Sep 09
Bushy Brows?....
                              Lee? Guy-Sensei?! Are you here!!!! Spread your youth through the comments!!!!
Name: Nile
                              Hair: long black hair
                              Eyes: mismatched blue and green
                              Skin: fair
                              Age: 25
                              Height: since Levi is 5'3 I would like to make my self a bit shorter even tho I'm 5'7 or 5'8 something. I choose to be 4'8
Koori~long dark brown hair,blue eyes,not that pale but pale,25
Name: commander eyebrows.  
                              Eye brows 20/10
                              Commanding skills 10000000/10
                              Arms 1/2 
                              (Sorry 😂)