AOT:What will it be? (Levixreader)

AOT:What will it be? (Levixreader)

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I do NOT own any of these characters or pictures.
This story will be about you and Levi .

(Y/n)=your name 
(L/n)= last name
(H/c)=hair colour
(E/c)=eye colour
(H/l)=hair length

It's my first book. Hope you enjoy it. Leave comments on what you think about it. Feel free to favourite and add to library.

MiraculousRuby MiraculousRuby Nov 30, 2016
I'm German. That is only similarity we haves CX  I'm white, literally the color white ⚪. I have really light, blonde hair and I have pale blue eyes. Everything on my body is pale...
Sterlingcile Sterlingcile Nov 03, 2016
Short hair, hazel-gray eyes, way too pale
                              that's exactly what I look like irl lol
SwiftDriftAngel SwiftDriftAngel Nov 08, 2016
>.>....<.< brownish platinum blonde hair, light brown eyes, pale, 22..........5'1 shhhhh
Kuchel- Kuchel- 6 days ago
Krulcifer/Kuchel - Short as fack(4'6), Blueish pale long hair, Silverly Blue eyes, Pale as snow omfg, 
                              Unknown :)
Rin= Light blue hair, with grey emotionless eyes. Age is 18 and height is 5'6
JustAnotherOne2U JustAnotherOne2U Oct 30, 2016
Short hair. Blue eyes, pale af, 5 years old (in my mind at least)