Living With My Ex-bestFriend

Living With My Ex-bestFriend

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"I really like you.." He said and as soon as the words came out if his mouth I fell off the bed and face planted the carpet." Ow" I muttered as I pulled my self up "I guess I knocked you off your feet" Reese said with a smirk. I'll have to tell him to stop that before I kill him. "You don't like me!" I whisper-yelled now thinking of why he would like me off all people I'm just a nerd and he's an asshole who has probably slept with the whole female population at our school (but me). 

"Yes I do I have since I first saw you when you where being bullied by Chloe-" I cut him of  "Some things never change" he gave me a weird look then carried on "what I'm trying to say Is I really like you " once he finished I had ran out the room and the house.

Luna is a sweet kind and caring girl who doesn't want any problems but when she has to stay with her ex-best friend,Reese, 
things start to go wrong will he regret leaving her or just carry on ignoring her 

1 Girl , 1 Boy , 1 house , 2 years

Will they hate each other or confess love?



This will be shit because I'm 12 so don't blame me for the shit that happens my minds is a crazy place.

UltimaZERO UltimaZERO Sep 04
Wow they were so casual about being away for 2 years damn god
Firewhisky_17_09 Firewhisky_17_09 6 days ago
How is she being so chill about it? My mom wouldn't let me be out of her sight for 2 minutes!
UltimaZERO UltimaZERO Sep 04
How the hell is she so Casual about it. Its like its regular for her. Goddamn
UltimaZERO UltimaZERO Sep 04
WHAT I SHE GONNA DO IN AMERICA FOR 2 YEARS... Take care of her other family I guess 😂😲