Lost boy (Ereri)

Lost boy (Ereri)

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that person who writes fan fiction By FortheloveofPhans Updated May 14, 2016

Some days, I just don't get how people find joy in life. I don't see why love is a big deal, isn't family all we need? Yet again, I don't even have a family... I guess that just makes me, lost.
Eren Yeager, the Lost boy.

References to self harm,depression, and abuse. It won't have any description of it but only references (except for abuse because if Eren's dad)

Triggers-ish. Not major but I'm still putting this warning in here.

Cover by the stupendous: FieldOfAppleTrees

Killua300 Killua300 Oct 20, 2016
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Salty_Cookies Salty_Cookies Sep 12, 2016
I am a lost boy from Never land usaly hanging out with Peter Pan and when we're bored we play in the woods always on the run from Captin Hook