Twenty-Two ➳ l.p.

Twenty-Two ➳ l.p.

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'"At least you're not the girl who rejected Liam Payne 22 times."  
Except I was.'  

Everybody has that one guy; the one that got away. 

But not everybody can say that it's Liam Payne, and not everybody can say that he's back after three years, and that he hates you. 

It's complicated.

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Harmybaby Harmybaby Jul 08
If i ever reject Liam this many times yall have complete permission to stab me
harrysb4lls harrysb4lls Jul 15
ahahahah you're funny cause I can't even get him to notice my existence let alone have a chance to date him HAHAHAHS LIFE IS GREAT
I literally did a spittake 
                              Tf if she was as good a friend as u she'd have totally been cool with y'all goin out
So u hate ur bestfriend now because she rejected u 22 times
                              Or is there an actual reason hmm
Okay I've never read a liam fanfic before so I'm really excited for this lol
harrysb4lls harrysb4lls Jul 15
just go hide in the bathroom and say you had to take a dump pshhh