His reject (boyxboy)

His reject (boyxboy)

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oddball123 By oddball123 Updated Nov 21, 2016

Corey was a good kid (not really true) and a good werewolf (even more lies!) too. He typically got good grades, and was liked by his classmates too. Like a typical teenager, Corey also has his own gang to hang out with at every moment. Corey thought his life was perfect.'

Was that what you were expecting?

Corey actually lived a sad life. His 'mother' doesn't like him and only talks to him when necessary, for the sole reason of him being an omega. They thought that he would bring disgrace to the family. Even so, that was before his father passed away. But at least he has the good, loving and caring brother. But sometimes.....not even his brother can protect him from everything.

wewillbealright wewillbealright Mar 08, 2016
You_Thought2016 You_Thought2016 Mar 27, 2016
I never actually had that talk it was more of "Alexis do you know where babies come from" from my loud mouth sister and me being put on spot and a major blushing
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this is a random question but does anyone scream when they stretch ?
SekaiForLife SekaiForLife Aug 27, 2016
You said that you are oddball, all I could think was 101 Dalmatians
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I've never been told the birds and bee's story but I know what it's supposed to teach
Samalama12345 Samalama12345 Oct 20, 2016
Are you aware that a lot of your lines are repeated in this chapter.