Valet || Janiel au

Valet || Janiel au

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a man's personal male attendant

Where the Frick are they that they can just find Joey Graceffa's just lying in a ditch?! because pack my bags I'm Moving!!
Nope. Uh uh. Nooooopppeeee. No way in heck I'm letting this happen. No sir. Nope
dude!! i swear i will find you and i'll cut off your leg then you'll be like Markiplier! than i'll give you heels and make you even more like Mark!!
LGBTQ_And_Fandoms LGBTQ_And_Fandoms Dec 01, 2016
Daniel, you scared him. You know how skittish Joey can be in these fanfics! Be nice!
Pangin Pangin Aug 05, 2016
I was expecting the dad to be the rude mean one, but the tables have turned
Well then two gay boys staying in a room together... Anything can happen