Blood and Poison ~book 2~

Blood and Poison ~book 2~

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Stacey By flying_solo2 Updated May 13

That day when I met her, time had stopped. The clock had rewinded itself within my head of all of the memories we shared: both good and bad. 

I could still feel her cold body pressed up against mine, her last breath warm on my cheek, her last kiss on my lips, all of them came back to me the day I saw her again.

She still looked like Felicia, so much like my wife, and it made me want to do things to her that I shouldn't have thought about because she was nothing more than a copycat. 

A fake.

When I told Myles, he kept telling me that this copy cat was in danger, that I was suppose to protect her. 

Me? Protect that pretender? 

There was no way in hell I was going to babysit that pathetic human just because she looked like my deceased wife. There was absolutely no way she was going to ruin my life and probably fuck with my emotions if my heart and body couldn't tell the difference. 

I couldn't even protect her the first time, so NO. I wasn't taking any requests. 

But fate had a fucked up way of making all of what I said utter bullshit.

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