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Gangster Disguised as a Nerd

Gangster Disguised as a Nerd

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Not meant to be silent By FaeRukawa508 Updated Jun 23, 2016

Everybody knows Hanna Miller as the school's nerd. They always underestimate her, bully her and isolate her because of how she looks.

BUT, she hides a secret. Under her thick glasses, is a sizzling hot chic, a perfect face, and on top of that, a boiling Gangster.
A gangster that everyone in her school feared.

So if I were you, Beware of the
"Gangster Disguised as a Nerd"

FaeRukawa508 FaeRukawa508 Jun 24, 2016
Sorry for the late reply everyone. It's because of our slow internet connection that I wasn't able to reply fast few months ago. But anyways, I appreciated everyone and every single comment you entered. I've read them all and I was so happy. Thank you guys. And I love you all.
sisia24 sisia24 Jul 11, 2016
its sooooooooooo cccccccoooolllll...this is my kind of story..yes..
FaeRukawa508 FaeRukawa508 Dec 24, 2015
@rainbowskittles109 hi. umh. thanks for reading. It's bolded for convenience. some readers find unbolded dialogue as a bit peculiar. thanks for asking. ^______^
zero-infinity zero-infinity Dec 21, 2015
Wow this is really good! Quick question, why is the dialogue all bolded?
FaeRukawa508 FaeRukawa508 Nov 27, 2015
@CandyWand thanks for reading my story. I really appreciate it. >////< ^______^
Marphye Marphye Nov 19, 2015
this acting is making me smile like an idiot while im eatng pasta with my mum xD