Heartless Queen

Heartless Queen

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I watch the red rose in between his hands "isn't it strange...a red rose on the beach!!" his deep voice causes a shiver to run down my back. I look back into the ocean... the view was so magical.

"Someone told me that roses are like people" I hear him laugh at my words "no way...people are so dangerous and manipulative" his words had double meaning I knew exactly who he was referring to. My heart squeezed in pain...will he ever believe that this was not my fault.

"They are much like people...they have so many colours like people" I feel him look at me "this shade of the rose represents danger...blood shedding" He stared down at the rose "pink represents love...white represents peace...yellow represents falling in love...and black represents death" I look up at him.

"But Allah didn't make black rose" I look at him as he looks at me with confusion, I smile back at him "God doesn't make bad people either yet...we have so many of them" I could tell my words overwhelmed him.

"Only you can turn something so beautiful...cold" 

Amira is a rich successful women with a shady past and no family in the present...she is known as the motherless child. She made one mistake and that was to fall for the Zaid Ali Khan a successful doctor. Follow Zaid as he falls for a heartless Queen.