Manan - Letters of Nandini... ✉

Manan - Letters of Nandini... ✉

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People are often ready to die to prove their love, but there are very few who live for their love... coz living such a life without your love is equal to die zillion times... 

This story revolves around the lives of our very own Manan - Manik Malhotra and Nandini Murthy...  While Manik is a famous business tycoon, who does not care for anybody other than his Dadi. He is full of attitude and ego.   Nandini on other hand, is a simple, sober, down to earth girl next door who loves her parents.

This story revolves around how Manan fell in love in their past and for what reason are they not together in the present. Please read the story to know what makes Nandini write letters to her love and her beautiful / lovable / PAINFUL love story... 


Yes u read it right...  Wanna know more? 

Then stay tune.

Well guys I've made many parts of my story PRIVATE. so in case you wanna read them, then I'm sorry to inform you, but you need to FOLLOW ME.

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xcocostarsx xcocostarsx Jan 15, 2016
How is nayra abhimanyu's daughter... u said her last name was vedant... that makes her dhruv's daughter
Hrixxx2708 Hrixxx2708 Dec 27, 2015
There is a confusion in the intro hw is nayra daighter of mukbhi?? Aa her surnme given is vedanth (i.e dhruv and alia's daugh..)