Grimm Reaper [COMPLETED]

Grimm Reaper [COMPLETED]

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||A WATTPAD FEATURED STORY|| [COMPLETED] {BOOK ONE OF THE GRIMM SERIES} Roxanne Locke lived a simple life. She was a college student by day, bartender by night. Slow nights at the bar brought in little money and rated rather low on the excitement scale. Busy nights, however, were a completely different story. Busy nights led to more tips, drunken fights, screaming matches, handsy men, and lot of messes that she had to clean up. 

Caleb Grimm was the richest, most powerful man on earth. He had connections in every nook and cranny of the world. He was never alone. He was always watching, and Roxanne Locke just happened to catch his attention. Roxanne possessed the ability to attract anyone to her, even though she wished she didn't. Between her bright red hair and the fire that burned deep in her green eyes, she received a lot of unwanted attention. Both qualities drew Caleb to her, but not for the reason most people hang around her.

Caleb didn't want to sleep with her. He wanted her for something much more. In his kind of business, redheads like her were worth a lot of money. It never took long for anyone to realize how dangerous Caleb Grimm was, what kind of man he was. He killed other human begins for thrill, for game. He killed those that he believed deserve it, but boy did he take pleasure in it. He was good at what he did. He never left behind a single trace, nothing but the body for the authorities to find every single time. 

After all, they don't call him Reaper for nothing.

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Jaybjay Jaybjay Sep 26, 2016
I was wondering why he was working on the case if he was a teacher now! This makes more sense lol
Jaybjay Jaybjay Sep 26, 2016
DUN DUN DUUUUUNNNNN I'm already intrigued! Great opening chapter!