Stars in the Night Sky (Zodiac Fanfic/Story)

Stars in the Night Sky (Zodiac Fanfic/Story)

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The 'Signs in the Sky' are what keeps the world of Equatilia at peace.  For many years, these signs had prevented for things going wrong in their world and if even a single one is lost, the world will turn to chaos.  Every generation, the oldest descendant with the same gender of the former Signs work hard to prepare to replace their predecessor.

This is a story about the 'Zodiacs', as what their classmates call them.  They are a group of people that are 'friends'.  Or, as some normal people think, has some kind of connection, both negative or positive.

However, the Zodiacs must put aside their differences, when a tragedy occurs during a supposedly fun night.  Now, all twelve of them must work together to bring down their one or two enemies.  However, what they don't know is, one of them is killing the group from within them.  The problem is, who?

Now, will these twelve teenagers be successful in defeating their enemies...or will there be tragedies and accidents, causing the Stars in the sky of the next era be incomplete?

Kay guys, enjoy!

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KaitlinHaverkamp KaitlinHaverkamp Oct 09, 2017
First thing I look for is Female Gemini, then Male Aries. So usually I like the books that do so.
PaintingTheStarz PaintingTheStarz 2 days ago
- - Nov 08, 2016
This is the first thing like this I've read where libra is a girl.
PhanWillHappen PhanWillHappen Oct 19, 2016
Taurus.. Well at least i get a break from girl stuff. You girls will know what i mean
xxKStyle101xx xxKStyle101xx Sep 24, 2016
Most stories virgo us a girl. Probably cause shes the maiden. YAY😃
brighteyes39 brighteyes39 Aug 17, 2016
I would love to say "yes finally Virgo is a girl" but Virgo is a girl in most books so yay