Dragged Along

Dragged Along

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Guardian Angel By GuardianAngel326 Updated Jan 02

Kayla Swan is Bella's younger sister who has lived with Charlie her whole life as her mother abandoned her and their family.

 Years later Kayla's life is doing fine. It's atleast a few months before she finds out that Bella is moving back that things begin to change, but when she arrives it becomes chaotic. She learns that the people who are her close friends are hiding  something big from her as they all begin to disappear one by one, She also finds that Her father and mother have skeletons in their closet that they never brought up and when words are spewed and the danger increases unexpected things tend to happen and come up.

Read as Kayla discovers what's truly going on in La Push and Forks, along the way through alot of hardship, finding love and experienceing life changing situations.

"The good in our lives never last long"

I only own my character Kayla. Story goes with the Twilight saga and if anything seems familiar this mostly came from my head and ideas from other stories I've read.

Stilinskia Stilinskia Jul 27, 2016
I'm pretty sure everybody in the God damned movie looks better than her...she look like an 11 year old boy
luna_lightwood_ luna_lightwood_ Oct 02, 2016
This actually happened me my mom and dad fav is my little bro