The Puppeteer [NEW!]

The Puppeteer [NEW!]

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Funnybear12 By funnybear12 Updated Oct 03

I pulled the windows open, craning my neck upwards to meet his gaze. "Stop haunting me." I whispered.

He chuckled darkly, resting his elbows on his crouched knees. "I'm not."

"You are. You're everywhere." My voice sounded raspy, tired, hopeless. "Leave me alone."

He slowly stretched out his right hand towards me, like the time he had done it at the lakehouse. "I'll help you, Charlotte." I looked down at his hand, then back at his face. "How?" I asked.

His gaze slowly turned darker, almost sad, in a sense. "By making you forget."

"Forget what?"

"Us. Me." He still held his outstretched hand. "Make you feel normal again."

I grabbed his hand an he pulled me up from the window ledge swiftly, into his arms. Then we fell.
I used to think the world around me was simple. It was at the moment I was thrown into the supernatural environment that I began to see how complicated the world really was. I feared for my life. Who could I trust? Then I met him. The puppet master controls the puppet. The puppet master chooses the puppet.
The puppet master chose me.

PLEASE BE AWARE: This story is not related whatsoever to Creepy Pasta's work. These are original characters and plots.

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