Fix a Broken Heart (NInjago Reader Insert)

Fix a Broken Heart (NInjago Reader Insert)

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CookieNookieNinja By SuperCookieNinja Updated Mar 06, 2016

This is a reader X various ninjago boys. Y/N has a father who hurts her. She has bruises, scars, and cuts on her legs, arms, and some on her face. She never felt love and so she ran away. She was walking on the streets when she bumped into someone or should I say a group of ninjas... 

I might take a while to update cause I have school so yeah...

Edit: Gosh dang bang. 3K views even though the beginning is complete crap! XD

Another edit: HOLY... 4K--- *explodes* Well then...

EmberKatDaFox EmberKatDaFox Apr 20, 2017
This may or may not be my 2nd time reading this...
                              Oh well, its a wonderful book either way
Welp there ain't anythin u can do bout ut now so go f*** yoself biatch
SodaHayden SodaHayden Jan 28
That sounds impossible. Also, it was also your fault. I was born because of you. You're stupid.
Average_Otaku_Girl Average_Otaku_Girl Nov 28, 2017
umm these parents tho.... no question asked when i wanted to stay over for a day or two
DragonflyLG DragonflyLG Jun 29, 2017
Lol, I have a bunk bed for no apparent reason and I sleep on the bottom.
K, got it. 
                              wait, how old are ninjas?--//slapped for reading ninjago fanfics without knowing ages