The Blind Vampire Slave(slow updates)

The Blind Vampire Slave(slow updates)

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Lunaleon By bikergirlforlife Updated Oct 01, 2017

I backed away from my master as he was trying to get my blood.....normally that wouldn't be a problem but we were at his birthday party and he wanted to take from my neck in front of them all. "Mas...master I...I'm n...n...not yo...your sho...Shoul....shouldn't take from me like this.....especially in front of everyone." I was still backing away as I was talking I knew his parents were watching this unfold and I wasn't deserving of his love like that. I'm just a slave but right as I backed into a wall I knew he was smirking though  I couldn't see his face he came up to me and whispered into my ears, "your all I want in a woman and lover my sweet sweet pet." Before he bit down onto my neck and drank from me, as my body relaxed under him in his arms. This caused gasps, even me, from everyone and I heard his parents stand up from where they were. "Hush everyone!!" his father yelled before probably turning to look to his son saying, "It looks like my son has found his beloved." He said with pride as his son released my neck from drinking my blood. I heard before I collapsed into his arms that he had around me to pull me closer to him as he drank my blood. 

RATED 16+ kissing, blood, violence, love will arise in this book. If I get to a sexy scene will probably make a separate book for restricted chapters for those out there wanting the scenes to be graphic.

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Emitsukii Emitsukii May 11, 2017
My uncle's birthday is 12th October and mine an my mother's boyfriend's birthday is 8th October .
When are you planning to update not chapters and finish the book?
                              It's been a minute
FriendlyKittens FriendlyKittens Dec 19, 2017
I'm confused didn't the pet store owner say she was blind already? If so why did the prince say "isn't she sleeping?"
lord_of_void lord_of_void Dec 02, 2015
hi i like it so far and thank you for writing this!!!!!!!!!!