Shane is 15 years old....He was his parents only child unitl recently.  They've adopted a 13 year old girl who seems to be a perfect abomonation.  To Shane at least.  But on the first night she spends something...odd happens...
(This takes place in Barbados)

  • angels
  • barbados
  • beach
  • bible
  • blood
  • captive
  • church
  • crap
  • creature
  • demon
  • devil
  • evil
  • fear
  • girl
  • god
  • gore
  • haunting
  • hush
  • lucifer
  • murder
  • night
  • pain
  • religion
  • scream
  • shane
  • thrill
  • tragedy
  • trap
  • trouble
LeighFrankie LeighFrankie May 13, 2011
serously you have a gift to scare people!!! Awesome!!!
                              I'm scared of the girl!! You have an awesome way of describing things!
LeighFrankie LeighFrankie May 13, 2011
I am a FAN of horror but tends to avoid it as my imagination tends to run wild and overcomes my thinking! haha
                              reading it.. nice chapter..
AngusEcrivain AngusEcrivain Jan 30, 2011
                              haha it's all good! You're a talented writer and the odd typo is understandable... we're all guilty of it because our eyes see what we want to see, and none of us want to see mistakes! :D
InkBlackUniverse InkBlackUniverse Jan 30, 2011
@DeathRage yeah thanks lol i dont normall read over what i type up but ive got to start lol
AngusEcrivain AngusEcrivain Jan 30, 2011
This is really good.. you have some serious suspense going on here :) I like it :)
AngusEcrivain AngusEcrivain Jan 30, 2011
A very good first chapter.. very enjoyable! One typo I noticed.. you missed the 'e' from Shane after she asks if she can check out her room too... :D