PaNi FF - 5 Years Later

PaNi FF - 5 Years Later

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cookiesjoshi By cookiesjoshi Updated Apr 13

heyyyy so i am writing a new fanfic alongside my untitled one ( which really needs a title now lmfao)

so this is about parth and niti, meeting 5 years after they break up and how the positions they are in now are going to affect them when they meet. did that make sense? lol hope you like this one too - i got a good response for my previous ff (which do not worry i am still going to carry on) but since i got a few ideas i just started a new fanfic so enjoy karo xx

* Story cover credits to @adarart93 *

PankhuriVerma PankhuriVerma Oct 19, 2015
Rahul is whose Son?? Can you clear it? I mean he is the child from Niti's husband whom did she marry or Is he Parth's child??
CaptivatedFantasy CaptivatedFantasy Oct 18, 2015
Damn, this is a total new concept you've taken. Its just tooo amazing Kiyaa❤
Njyothsna Njyothsna Oct 12, 2015
Wow..this is kinda..interesting..pls post it on insta tooo.....
EnchantingEchoes EnchantingEchoes Oct 12, 2015
Wow! This was kinda flimyish-realistic☺️
                              I'm loving it❤️
EnchantingEchoes EnchantingEchoes Oct 11, 2015
                              I'm so excited for this one And I loved it☺️
_OneLifee _OneLifee Oct 11, 2015
Very very different concept from what I've read in PaNi ff! It was totally unexpected but damn I loved it! Really curious to see what u've in store!! Aye so excited for this one!!❤️