Embarrassed by secrets(Yoonmin Fanfiction)

Embarrassed by secrets(Yoonmin Fanfiction)

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Lee Rin(Yoonmin321)(I'M BACK) By Yoonmin321 Completed

Min Yoongi: A lazy university student who doesn't like to do work or anything. He is on the basketball team, though.

Park Jimin: A average graded university student who is roommates with Yoongi. He is already having to handle with his depression and cutting, and being embarrassed about it, but now He has to handle with yoongi's constant complaining about work... But thing is, it's easy for him.

What will happen with these two university students?

Warning: Mature Content

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got7andbtsstories got7andbtsstories 7 days ago
Ok ok this is funny but seriously there only dating to make someone jelouse right
Why would he ever think...you know what I am not even gonna question it
LouMoonboy LouMoonboy Apr 13
When I used to do that to myself I used to say something like that too before I did it xD
cotton-min cotton-min Apr 02
"hey bro"
                              "im sorry bro"
                              "its ok bro"
                              "lets get cutting bro"
                              "im you so i dont really have a choice but ok bro"
                              "thanks bro"
                              "anytime bro"
got7andbtsstories got7andbtsstories 7 days ago
Hold the front door b-but that's like he is dating his mother no no no namjin stand and I stan namjin
I don’t even bother. I just plaster my hands to my side. My close friends know. Though they don’t bother.