Mated To A Jerk // EDITING

Mated To A Jerk // EDITING

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Being mated to the future alpha isn't a breeze, especially for Cassandra. Wanna know why? Because he's a flat out cocky, egotistical, hot, demanding, possessive, indecisive, nonchalant jerk. 

And when things seem to start to settling down, Cassandra manages to have a total of five guys after her, not caring what it takes to get her in their hands. Things couldn't get any worse, but then they did.

When Cassandra is identified as the Dark Wolf from the prophecies, her life turns upside down in a mess of losing her sanity, and her light.


"I'm starting to wonder whether this is a match made in Heaven or Hell."

Sequel// Mated In Prophecy

hainiixx hainiixx Apr 26, 2016
Y do u use always was when you shouldn't they aren't past tense ghaad 🙄