Dark Love- A Batman Love Story

Dark Love- A Batman Love Story

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BATMAN'S GIRLFRIEND 4 LIFE!!!!!!!!! Alo×BruceWayne Dragonclaw×Batman By Kasai_Okami Updated Oct 21

I flicked on the light and Bruce pulled the covers up to his face.
"Bats are nocturnal..." he grumbled.
"Yes, but Bruce Wayne isn't."
"Shush, I'm Batman."
I sighed and gave up. Tiptoeing to his bed, I pulled off the sheets gently and gave him a kiss. Bruce bolted up in the bed.
"Mmm... that was nice." he groaned. "I want another." I rolled my eyes and scolded him.
"You'll get another later. Alfred is making pankakes so hurry up."
I left the room to let him change, but not before pecking him on the cheek. Closing the door behind me, I smiled. I loved my Batman.

  Alo is in a near death experience when the Batman saves her life and takes her under his wing. But it's not only his wings she's taken under, but finding a way into his heart and life too.

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Current ranking- 77th in "Batman"

Love love love this book! Can I have an Alfred? He is the sassmaster and totally just hooked Bruce up!
Okay, can we just stop reading to admire how this is literally me (and maybe other girls too) in this situation? Like, maybe if this was a high me or something
Kasai_Okami Kasai_Okami Aug 21
People, I have an announcement to make. It is very important... ALFREDS FOR ALL!!!!!!
I let out a tiny yell.....I'm pretty sure I almost woke up my parents xD i love this book already!
                              Aw man, that's just so funny! Don't think Batman would have let the Joker get away though. It's Batman's thing to dissappeer like snap, not Jokers. Other than that, this is great! :D