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Pen Your Pride


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M. Crane Hana By CraneHana Completed

Added 5-20-2018: This work will be unpublished in July of 2018, in preparation for a related commercially-published novel from NineStar Press.

The Sleeping Goddess picks Tel to be her champion and spy. It's not mutual. The accidental shapeshifter only wants to find her absent father, and learn to control the more horrible magics that will get her executed if she reveals them. This isn't helped by the neighborhood Dark Lord, who might be her best ally if he wasn't hunting her because of a mistaken identity. And no one said anything about an offworld invasion.

On the savage world of Lonhra, its Sleeping Goddess has been genetically modifying human colonists into the long-lived, psi-gifted Sirrithani race. She can't physically leave her prison inside the planet's core, or the vengeful living planet might destroy all organic lifeforms on its surface. Her strongest ally might go insane and kill his ordained mate at any moment. An interstellar empire that has been looking for Lonhra and its people for thousands of years...just found them.

The Goddess's best weapon is a small person who doesn't particularly believe in her...

('Bloodshadow' is set in the same universe as my M/M erotic romance space opera 'Moro's Price', but many thousands of years earlier and with (mostly) different characters. The first part of Tel's story is finished, and ridiculously long, so I'll probably break up the chapters even smaller. Also: bear in mind this is a trunk-novel abandoned around 2012 and rejected by at least 80 literary agents, so it has some major flaws. If I am nuts enough to self-pub a commercial version, those will take a lot of work to fix...)

Note on trigger warnings: this story can include extreme violence, scenes of torture, mentions of rape and cannibalism (not from main characters), medically-necessary abortion, and infanticide. Lonhra is a pretty place but not a nice one.

  • alien-wilderness
  • cannibalism
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