I'll always Love you

I'll always Love you

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Ieyatsu Sawada and Tsunayoshi Sawada was brothers. Ieyatsu is 22 years old while Tsuna is 18 years old. Ieyatsu guardian is the same age as him and Tsuna guardian is the same age as him. 

The mansion never once peaceful. because it always have shouting, cursing, breaking things and all that can increase the paperwork's. Even thought, it was like that. They always happy with their family. 

But that wasn't going to last for long. Those happy time will replace with something that might change their family. Because , "something" was waiting for it time to come out and destroy Vongola.

character is OOC'ed. Adult!Arcobaleno. 
Sorry for the grammar error , writing error and all that can be erroed. 

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wan2108 wan2108 Feb 28
Is he the succesor of Levi Ackerman? (Dono if i spelled the last name right)
Princess_of_ships Princess_of_ships Aug 15, 2016
Reborn: I just....I'm just so pround of him! *wipes tears away*
                              Me:*sweatdrop* R-Reborn😅
-leighschips -leighschips Apr 15, 2016
Reborn would be proud *wipes imaginary tears with a stoic face*
Animelover3313 Animelover3313 Nov 04, 2016
A great way to stop your own father from crying Tsuna ಥ⌣ಥ
- - Mar 24, 2016
....Reborns been wih him too much............except Reborn would shoot guns at Ieyasu......but, its still close right? *sweatdrops*
- - Aug 24, 2016
Reborn: *Wipes imaginary tear* Good job Dame-Tsuna...
                              Tsuna: Hn.
                              Reborn: It seems like you need more training Dame-Tsuna *Brings out leon gun*
                              Tsuna: HIIIEEE! No I'm sorry Reborn-Sama! *Bows down*