Step Daddy No!    (COMPLETED)√

Step Daddy No! (COMPLETED)√

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WARNING. This book contains mature content, rape and very traumatic experiences. Its also very emotional. You already know the name of this book, which means you have an idea of what its about and that's the description below. If you don't feel comfortable to read it, please don't, unless you can handle it.

Akeilia was 16 years old. Her father died in a car accident when she was very young, that caused her mother (Nicole) who was 38 to remarry.

Little did Nicole knew that she married a complete psychopath with no good intentions. Yes he was intelligent and yes he had the money and don't be fooled he was also very smart, but compassion is what he truly lacks.

John took care of Akeilia and watched her grew, but not because he loved her as his own daughter but because he knew what he wanted to do and he thought that now was the right time.

 One night after Akeilia went to bed, he went into her bedroom with his sick intentions.


John invited Michael to his house for a business meeting. Michael observed certain things and became suspicious.
He took some actions and there was no turning back.

Some dark secrets are yet to be revealed.

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  • careless
  • comedy
  • death
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  • hide
  • hurt
  • innocent
  • love
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  • traumatise
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LothlorienMora8 LothlorienMora8 Oct 02, 2017
No offense but why would I like this, I mean you are a awesome writer but the events that happen in the book, I do not like. But you are a very good write and I love you're writing style.
That happened to me before ghadd the car almost hit me i didnt realize until i heard the honk
y'all all getting hyped thinking it's John, y'all didn't realize she was in shock right now she just almost got raped again then nearly hit by a car...
Lilcrazzy26 Lilcrazzy26 Oct 14, 2016
I've gotten hit by a car before. I know how it feels. She got lucky bruh
Afro_Bean Afro_Bean Aug 27
Yo Nicole your close to getting a mom of the year award. You got this.
Ok no... now it just sounds nasty. 
                              Hope your dick shrinks you old hag! 💔