Loose Ends

Loose Ends

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kaitlyn. By hometowns Updated Aug 10, 2016

super rich kids but nothing with fake friends, super rich kids with nothing but loose ends.

Wealth is something that is desired by people around the world, a concept that fascinates thousands, leaving them unsatisfied with what they have. Some people work for their wealth, and some people are born into it.

Caius Bennett was born into it. With the Bennett's being one of the most prestigious families in the state of New York, Caius has never not been on the radar. After his father tarnished the family name when Caius was a child, the amount of pressure on the boy to make his parents proud only became heavier. Which he didn't have a problem with, Caius was the definition of a golden boy.

But then he meets Parker Sinclair whilst hiding in his garden during a party, and the two begin a tumultuous relationship that completely changes Caius' life. 

Some would say Caius is living the American dream. He just wishes he could wake up.