My Queen

My Queen

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(I'm editing the story right now and I changed the names of two of the main characters but I'm not fully done so if halfway through Bri and Daniel turn into Brandi and Dylan understand they are the same people but the names are changed!!) (ALSO IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR THE ABUSED LUNA THIS IS IT, I JUST MADE TITLE, COVER, AND some CONTEXT CHANGES)

She was abused for 17 years.

He was lusted after for 19 years.

She was rejected by her mate.

He was waiting for his first.

She faced the rough life of a rogue.

He faced the brutal life of an Alpha King.

She went to a coffee shop.

They met.

  • alpha
  • alphaking
  • british
  • friends
  • love
  • mate
  • queen
  • rejected
  • romance
  • secondmate
  • womanpower
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                              Your welcome
erpaederpae erpaederpae Feb 19
Looks like you were gonna say denial but just put an A there instead
caitlin_margaret caitlin_margaret Jun 23, 2017
"I don't get no sleep 'cause of y'all, y'all don't get no sleep 'cause of me!"
PATRICAI_Xxx PATRICAI_Xxx Aug 18, 2017
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bbgnative bbgnative Sep 03, 2017
^same exact thing for me lmao.. except he left when I was.. actually nvm I think I was 12 too^ or 13
yue-lie yue-lie Nov 20, 2017
So in the car there's Emma, Brianna and Daniel...and Brandi and Dylan? O.o
                              Or did you mixed up the names of the only characters you introduced in the very first chapter? O.o
                              Ok, not edited but seriously...mixing up a name 2 lines later?