The Abused Luna

The Abused Luna

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If you have something against unedited books I strongly advise you to give me some time cause I need some time to edit both of my books and I'm trying to edit my second Book, My sweet darling... Just sayin.. 

She was abused for 17 years.

He was lusted for for 19 years

She was rejected by her mate.

He was waiting for his first.

She faced the rough life of a rogue.

He faced the brutal life of an Alpha King.

She went to a coffee shop.

They met.

nxnadolan nxnadolan May 09
Yes I expect the school to have good food but it doesn't happen 😔🤧
"I don't get no sleep 'cause of y'all, y'all don't get no sleep 'cause of me!"
Pack beds , pack lamps pack bowls pack eggs pack sausages pack pack pack pack PAAAAACCKKKK!!
reinacookie reinacookie Apr 20
thats how i felt until he left when i  had just turned 12 😂
bbgnative bbgnative Sep 03
^same exact thing for me lmao.. except he left when I was.. actually nvm I think I was 12 too^ or 13
bbgnative bbgnative Sep 03
No.^^^ there is always and always will be a pack mutha fuckin slut.