Alois x Reader [WARNING I might put lemons]

Alois x Reader [WARNING I might put lemons]

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[]Oml I'm soo excited this is my first time EVER writing fanfic so please just bear with me[] 

× Your pov× 
You were working in the Trancy manor for a while now and you grew pretty close to Everyone especially Alois you made it your duty to protect him Claude just...well Claude was claude but besides that everything was amazing

~~~~~~~Time skip~~~~~~~

×Alois' pov ×

I was walking downstairs until I stopped and saw a familiar beauty walk past me "Hello (Y/N)" I said as I felt my cheeks heating up. In response she said "Good evening your highness" and bowed "Do you need anything"? She gave me the most beautiful smile I've seen in years 

×Your pov×

I smile at Alois being polite as possible as I see his cheeks getting red my smile faded " Your highness is something wrong"? I ask him he simply shakes his head and says "No" As he approached me I look up at him as he got rather close "Y-Your Highn-" he cut me off with a kiss. "Please call me Alois" He said pulling away smiling happily. "...

wateary wateary Sep 29, 2017
Ok I hate u and everything Claude hit I would love for u to pop up and ruin the moment
heftyset heftyset Apr 21
This is so bad I’m embarrassed I cANT BELEIVE I WROTE THIS BAGAHVS
I love alois he's mine! So pls don't steal my husband!  >:c  (Idk if ur gonna hate now xD)
monkey098765432157 monkey098765432157 Nov 22, 2017
I feel tainted. Ahhhhhhhh. Why does he know what to do he is like 12 , 13, 14
Ararisu Ararisu Feb 25
Mhmm... I just noticed that you had put in the description that you MIGHT put in lemons. BUT I SMELL SOME LIME. CARE TO EXPLAIN THAT ROSE?! Luv Ya!~
heftyset heftyset Apr 07
Before I get any hate I’m the writer of this book 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ I’m not proud of the grammar