Alois x Reader [WARNING I might put lemons]

Alois x Reader [WARNING I might put lemons]

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[]Oml I'm soo excited this is my first time EVER writing fanfic so please just bear with me[] 

× Your pov× 
You were working in the Trancy manor for a while now and you grew pretty close to Everyone especially Alois you made it your duty to protect him Claude just...well Claude was claude but besides that everything was amazing

~~~~~~~Time skip~~~~~~~

×Alois' pov ×

I was walking downstairs until I stopped and saw a familiar beauty walk past me "Hello (Y/N)" I said as I felt my cheeks heating up. In response she said "Good evening your highness" and bowed "Do you need anything"? She gave me the most beautiful smile I've seen in years 

×Your pov×

I smile at Alois being polite as possible as I see his cheeks getting red my smile faded " Your highness is something wrong"? I ask him he simply shakes his head and says "No" As he approached me I look up at him as he got rather close "Y-Your Highn-" he cut me off with a kiss. "Please call me Alois" He said pulling away smiling happily. "...

    Fangrell side: Hehe Claude is just Claude. Hehe. If u look up the definition of Claude u will see-
                                  My trying to control myself side: Stop
    SilviaTH21 SilviaTH21 Mar 27
    Well Excuuuuuusse me your highness 
                                  I don't believe ya 😐
                                  You bloody bit me! *XD*
    Maximum98 Maximum98 Jul 15
    Alois: just...*hurls Reader to bed banging head off headboard* •_•'...Claude?...
    RebelHostage7225 RebelHostage7225 Dec 24, 2016
    I know some who read this might hate me, but I prefer Ciel. I mean Alois alright but, Ciel is lover. But yea that was fast.
    Emo_Ticci_Rose Emo_Ticci_Rose Dec 27, 2016
    Okay ONE THING I KNOW is to never read lemons in the middle of the night because then I cringe and laugh real hard and wake your dad and get in trouble
    My name is iiAnimeWriter and I suffer from a severe case of Claustrophobia the fear of Claude Faustus this has been going on ever since I laid eyes on him and it's been ye...... xD