Banished| Book One In The Series | Avengers Fan-fic| ****ON HOLD****

Banished| Book One In The Series | Avengers Fan-fic| ****ON HOLD****

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Athena Smith By Ninja_Prime Updated Nov 01, 2016

The City of Thorix is peaceful, inhabited only by female warriors and life is calm. Every girl trains in magic, combat, and weaponry until she is fourteen years of age. On the Day of Decision, when girls are able to move on with their studies and become true warriors, things go terribly wrong.

Lady Monroe, head of the Council of Thorix, receives a message from a dark sorcerer named Vrukore. Vrukore is a great threat to Thorix, having grown stronger in the many years he had been banished from Thorix, when the City had male warriors. 

Vrukore seeks a powerful advantage for his cause, but it only lies within the heart of Thorix. Lady Monroe knew the moment she banished him from Thorix, they would be in danger, so, over the years, she searched for the child that would protect Thorix with all her heart and soul.

And this child was Meira. 

Meira never knew this, nor anyone else, and so she was subjected to painful bullying from her sisters as anyone else. But, when Meira came into the world, Lady Monroe placed a special necklace over her neck that resembled a light blue crystal. The very heart of Thorix and its magic.

 The Crystal has much power, but Meira has never learned to control it, thinking it was her own doing - which it technically was. The Crystal bonded with Meira in a way that they can never be separated.

So when the Day of Decision came, Lady Monroe knew that there was something she had to do. Instead of letting Meira become a true warrior, she was banished to Midgard where the Crystal and herself would be safe.

There she is captured by S.H.I.E.L.D., questioned by a intimidating woman with short red hair, and forced to join a team of strange humans with interesting powers.

But one problem. Vrukore knows where the Crystal is.

And is coming for it.
And Earth.

Meira is launched into a adventure across Earth, each challenge she faces tests her loyalty, skill, and heart. Can she run from Vrukore? What will she do? Or...will this be the end?


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RedReyne RedReyne May 01
Is there a reason why your illegally using the cover for the throne of glass? I'm not trying to be mean I just don't want to see you sued. Cuz that'd be bad...
Am I i the only one who clicked this story because it had the cover of throne of glass on it
Dream_Reaper2627 Dream_Reaper2627 May 19, 2017
corakeos corakeos May 14, 2016
Why have you got the cover of the throne of glass as the cover of your book?
whitehybrid21 whitehybrid21 Dec 22, 2016
Wow! It's only the first chapter and I already love this book!
yourmybeautifulsoul yourmybeautifulsoul Oct 24, 2015
Honestly, your storyline is incredible. I can't wait to continue!