More Than Ears

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Kli By Cheadarchesse Updated 10 months ago
It's easy to have Deaf pride when you live in a town where most people sign.  Once out, it's a lot harder.  Anja has never had trouble voicing her options without learning spoken English even though it's landed her in hot water more than once.  In a new town, it's hard to keep the strength in herself high.  Of course, she's not the only one questioning herself.
I have a question...what sign is that in your profile picture? I think it means interpreter but I'm not sure
man this is great! i really love it and im happy that you let me know about the name thing i dident know that ! thats cool! :) thanks for the awesome chapter and now im off to read the next chapter way to freaken go!! ~Erica~
You make Anja like every other teenager... I really like it.
this isnt something id usually read, and yet i found that i really like Anja and i definitely agree with @XimenaLouise .
I like how you portrayed this, making the characters seem perfectly normal, and not to challenged by there disability, even though they think they do. I also like the dialogue.
It was a very nice experiance to read this type of a story. It's done great, although sometimes I suggest it's better to at least put ' that symbol, whenever they spoke in the sign language. But it's only my opinion, you can do whats best :)