Severing The Velvet (LGBT+ One-Shots) [Requests Open]

Severing The Velvet (LGBT+ One-Shots) [Requests Open]

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Ash By Thebloodygrimmreaper Updated Sep 07, 2016

A collection of explicit, mature, LGBT+ one-shots. Mostly boyxboy. Actually, pretty much all bxb unless I get a request for gxg.

This collection may include the following:
Among others.

 Not suitable for anyone under the age of 17.

I take requests, please read first part for information.

#142 in Short Story 4-7-16
#297 in Short Story 3-15-16

Cover by @Fujimon

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MajaClaire MajaClaire Mar 20
Pardon, mais c'est <vous êtes mon tout et je t'aime a la mort>. De plus, je crois que on dit <et je t'aime jusqu'à la mort> comme ça. "You're my everything and I love you till the end/till death"
His twin brother, Mr. Light, is unable to join us tonight. My apologies.
Emmy43212 Emmy43212 Jul 04, 2016
Apparently this was so important you felt the need to put it twice. 😏
Warrior-Panda Warrior-Panda Dec 09, 2016
Three others besides English would include the French so he knows 4 with English... you listed 5
n0b0dyyy n0b0dyyy Mar 14, 2016
Oh my god, I sware those two are too cute. They hella goals.