Rejected hybrid

Rejected hybrid

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Mrs. Perez By Nyakiu Updated Aug 24, 2014

Imoya, a  17 years old 'hybrid' well  about the hybrid  part she doesn't know anything about it-------yet. 

she's a part of a pack without parent's .her brother and sister's always teased and abused her because she'a a 'human' (that's what they think) and a chubby, short,wimpy,shy,nerd girl.  being humiliated at her birthday by her brother and sister, that she think they don't even know it's her birthday.

  she thought when she find her mate he would save her from humiliations....but it's only what she thought because..... 

 after finding out that her mate is the beta of the pack. she knew that she's going to get rejected and it really happen.broken and don't know what will happen, she plan to suicide. jump off a high cliff, that's anything she could think of anything that will get her gone from this world full of pain her life; as she jump of the cliff and nearly drown she became into...................mermaid.  

she thought it's the only thing...

 but soon she turn into a...........big powerful werewolf. 

 if you want to know the whole story then you must read it.

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  • beta
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  • mermaid
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  • whitewolf
ladys1745 ladys1745 Jan 09
I hope you really don't wait to you get the numbers you looking for not because the book isn't good. I just don't want to wait that long. And just seems unfair to the rest of us.😂😂😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥
kpop_Trash_Fangirl kpop_Trash_Fangirl Feb 23, 2017
That is a danisnotonfire question. And Im not dealing with that right now
scorpiace scorpiace May 16, 2016
Everyone has a purpose in life you just haven't found your yet.
The-Toybox-Murderer The-Toybox-Murderer Aug 17, 2013
Update this book gurrrl it looks like it could be a great success one day
AliRPartidge AliRPartidge Aug 14, 2013
@xlisandrathegirlx that's okay just remember don't ask too much of your readers to start with. Build it up is the best advice i can give anyone writing a book x @AliRPartridge
AliRPartidge AliRPartidge Aug 04, 2013
Brilliant story line and a pleasure to read so far except the term of 1000+ reads is a bit high especially for a new book if i may suggest you lower this for now and build up as the story goes on x thanks for giving me another gem to read @AliRPartridge