His Surrogate

His Surrogate

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Jami1012 By Jami1012 Updated Jul 06

"You want to control everything." I tell Colton.

He leans across the table and whispers softly,"I should have mentioned- I could be very protective. . . especially over the woman who's carrying my baby."

I blink. Then blink again. I don't know how to respond to that. If we were married and expecting, then it would be the most romantic thing he could say but we're not in that situation. I am not his wife or girlfriend. 

I am His Surrogate.

Ana-Mai Ana-Mai Jul 17
50,000? 🤔🤔*momentarily considers...* 
                              ...Nah. Having a baby will ruin my figure. I'll go from being a kool aid jammer to a Capri sun.
valorgeis valorgeis Sep 19
Bruh just sell a kidney. I've seen them posts on IG about how much a kidney's worth on the black market...
Wait, if your a surrogate they use your eggs and the father's sperm right? So you're technically giving your baby to another woman?
I'll just wait over here, come the end of the book and you'll find it the hardest thing to give the baby to their real mother. I'll just waiy
Eh nine months of torture, then popping that thing out of you probably tearing your vagina all up and not in a good way, stretch marks, all for a kid you're not even going to keep
                              Honey go with stripping
                              But you're probably going to fall in love with the dad and keep the baby anyways.
lolstargirl lolstargirl Aug 06
It's going to hurt ten times worse if u don't have sex and loose yo v card