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I Don't Like Your Girlfriend | A MLP Fanfiction

I Don't Like Your Girlfriend | A MLP Fanfiction

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『luna』 By yanderelapis Updated Feb 18

Everyone has their little secrets. 
For the girls of Ponyville Academy, their 'little' secrets aren't that little after all.
Rainbow Dash has always considered herself one of the cooler girls within her friendship group. She never planned to fall for the shyest girl in the world, but it happened. There's no chance of Rainbow ever dating Fluttershy since she already has a girlfriend. Or is there?
Twilight Sparkle, newest princess of Equestria is newly attending an academy under the persona of Twinkle Shine. Can she keep her secret long enough, or will Rarity and her ever-changing posse mess things up for her? And perhaps a cirtain pink haired friend of hers can be there to brighten up her day?
FlutterDash and TwiPie
Started --; ??/??/2015
Re-Started --; 12/10/2016
Hello, and thank you for clicking on this book.
I would like to let you know that I don't like MLP anymore, and I am only continuing because it has been so highly requested. When I publish my other stuff, it'd be highly appreciated if you would read that instead.

FanficSins FanficSins Mar 27, 2016
Never had a teacher like that. If they take my phone I either lock it or turn it off like haha read my shiz now
CreamFabPony CreamFabPony Oct 25, 2015
This was pretty cool. Good first chapter...what's Rarity up to XD???