Stiles feels weak- he has for a long time. Derek, the current alpha in Beacon Hills, can help. Through a bite, Stiles experiences all the strength no one else has ever shown him. 

Rated Ⓜ for profanity and strong sexual situations.

-- takes place in Beacon Hills, the beginning of the second season --
-- based on the song "Flesh" by Simon Curtis --

  • derek
  • flesh
  • simoncurtis
  • songfic
  • sterek
  • stiles
  • teenwolf
sargaysm sargaysm Jun 05, 2018
The one thing Peter,Derek and Scott had in common 😂😂😂
justfoodingeneral justfoodingeneral Feb 21, 2018
How much you wanna bet that stiles is just asleep dreaming all of this😂😂
Hannahbear2004 Hannahbear2004 Mar 08, 2018
Oooh lalala😂 it got really intense with Stiles hahaha😂😂
NewtDies250 NewtDies250 Aug 01, 2018
😏 it's ok bby. You can't think about him jerking you off.
Yikisole13 Yikisole13 Nov 08, 2018
die... no have server pain, and giant bruise and broken bones deffently 
                              Stiles: not helpful...
                              Me: wasn't trying to be
Immortousrose Immortousrose Jul 08, 2018
Okay but am i the only one thinking that the cover looks like derek and issac?!