Betrayed Dragon [First Book of the Dragon Legends Series!]

Betrayed Dragon [First Book of the Dragon Legends Series!]

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Etherious Natsu Dragneel By EtherNatsuDragneel Completed

Natsu was kicked out of Fairy tail accused for Gray's injuries. And thus, he left his former guild behind with the other two Dragon Slayers. They joined Sabertooth for a bit and soon 'disappeared.' As the Dragons go on a quest, they meet the Fairies once more. The Dragons leave once more, set out to claim Natsu Dragneel's place as the Master of Tartaros....


Book 1: This
Book 2: The Rebirth of the Fairies
Final Book: The Dragon's Memory Fragments

[Under Editing]
Started: April 03
Ended: December 16

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