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A/N- Hello this is my first fan fiction about H20Vanoss and it's pretty sad. So if you catch feels. Yeah. Just let me know how you feel and I'll upload as much as I can. And it's also pretty long story (no seriously like really long) with multiple chapters so yeah! Ennnnnnjjjjjoooooooyyyy!

(Cringing xD)


I thought he was gonna play tic tac toe on his arm like from that one movie
7starfire7 7starfire7 Jun 07
Why not the stomach then Del can't eat FOOOOD if he goes to deep :(
Reina_de_la_idiotez Reina_de_la_idiotez Nov 06, 2015
Why are you hurting ma child like this?! ;~; 
                              *hugs delirious*
                              ((I'm liking it so far))